What Will be in the Fields Tomorrow?

...An Opportunity for Learning and Understanding - full essay

Using and presenting Fields can be done as a one-time program, but it has more power as a beginning point to initiate awareness and exposure to the issues and processes of sustainable agriculture and local food.

Consider continuing a community conversation with facilitated civic dialogue, a program series – even book clubs or film festivals.

  • “This kind of theatre is a ‘soft’ way of introducing controversy. It allows positions to be stated in the voices of real people with recognizable lives. . . . The ultimate key, of course is the follow-up conversation.”

  • “Inside of agriculture or outside, everyone is engaged in relationships with food, farming and the land around us. Fields as an activity can be a starting point for public learning and engagement to expose people to issues they might not have even thought about.”

  • “Civic dialogue is a new approach for many who work to convince others of a position. Dialogue is sharing ideas, experience and assumptions for the purposes of personal and collective learning.. . . for greater understanding. And, understanding is the basis of change.”